Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Map Series 5

Descriptive text to the Geological map of Greenland, 1:100 000, Kangaatisiaq 68 V.1 Syd and Ikamiut 68 V.1 Nord

Adam A. Garde and Julie A. Hollis

The two adjacent Ikamiut and Kangaatsiaq map areas in the Aasiaat region of central West Greenland expose a large part of the Mesoarchaean Aasiaat domain that was variably reworked during the Palaeoproterozoic Nagssugtoqidian orogeny.

This volume contains a systematic description of the Archaean and Palaeo-proterozoic map units, including remnants of a buried Palaeoproterozoic spreading ridge near Aasiaat and the likely arc-related Naternaq supracrustal belt with volcanic-hosted massive sulphide mineralisation. Cretaceous–Paleocene sandstone, sills and dykes, hydrothermally altered rocks and recent periglacial deposits are also present.

The lithological descriptions are followed by an outline of the two-stage Archaean crustal evolution and an account of the Palaeoproterozoic tectonic evolution supported by regional aeromagnetic data, as well as an interpretation of the Palaeoproterozoic plate-tectonic setting of the Aasiaat domain.