Tremors recorded in fjord system in Northeast Greenland National Park in Greenland

Published 22-09-2023

The Greenlandic authorities have contacted GEUS in connection with a tsunami in the fjord at Ella Ø in the Northeast Greenland National Park. The tsunami coincides with GEUS registering a seismic signal corresponding to 3.4 on the Richter Scale in the area.

GEUS is investigating the cause of the tremors together with Aarhus University and the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Justice, Greenland.

The Greenlandic authorities and the Greenland Police have issued a warning regarding travelling in the fjord systems around Ella Ø in the Northeast Greenland National Park.

Find more information on the warning here (in Greenlandic).

Nina Skaarup
Head of Department
Geophysics and Sedimentary Basins
Søren Rysgaard
Arctic Research Centre and Department of Biology - Aquatic Biology, Aarhus University
Malene David Jensen-Juul
Communications Officer
Press and Communication