Free seismic 2D data packages made available to ease green transition

Published 05-09-2023

The following data package has been made available for free download from GEUS home page from Friday the 1 September 2023.

Data package #6: DK On/Offshore 2D data – Jammerbugt/North Sea, North Jutland and North Zealand.

Knowledge of the Danish underground is crucial for the green transition and associated large construction projects, and thus GEUs has decided to make data from the Danish deep subsurface free of charge.

The data package is available as 27 separate datasets (original processings and released reprocessings of varying vintage, data availability and data-quality) covering primarily the Jammerbugt/North Sea, North Jutland, and North Zealand areas.

Content of data package

In general, the following data is included (if available):

  • All released digital data from the original processing as well as from later reprocessings (not including field data).
  • Acquisition and processing reports.
  • Scanned seismic displays (selected versions) in b/w – grey scale versions available on request.
  • Information sheet and spread sheet containing details about the data package.

Please see included ’handouts’ for details about each data package.

Please note:
The well data packages from all released exploration and appraisal wells can be downloaded for free using the webshop Frisbee.

To access the data packages #1 to #6: Frisbee - Home (map).

GEUS has planned further releases of seismic 2D data in 2023-2024.

Nina Skaarup
Head of Department
Geophysics and Sedimentary Basins
Bjarni Pjetursson
Head of Geological Data Centre
Geological Data Centre

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