Denmark’s Geology Portal: Your gateway to data on the geology of Denmark

Published 27-10-2023

It has now become even easier to navigate Denmark’s Geology Portal.

The portal works for both mobile and tablet. (Christian Brogaard Pedersen, GEUS.)

Denmark’s Geology Portal provides access to in-depth information and maps of Denmark’s geology.

Denmark’s Geology Portal allows you to explore and understand Denmark’s near surface and deep subsurface areas. Whether you are a dedicated geologist, a researcher, a student or just curious, the portal gives you access to a wide collection of different geological maps and relevant information.

Denmark’s Geology Portal is available to everyone and free to use.

Easier navigation and increased user-friendliness

The Geological Data Centre at GEUS has given the web maps a brush-up so that they look great on the portal. Furthermore, a new topic-based structure makes it easier to find the content relevant to you.
In addition, metadata have been updated so that you can easily copy them to use in your own documentation.

What can you expect to find?

On Denmark’s Geology Portal you can find:
- Interactive geological maps covering all of Denmark.
- Data on soil layers and geological history.
- Quick and easy access to download data and publications.

How to get started

You can visit the portal by clicking the following link:

Denmark’s Geology Portal.

Denmark’s Geology Portal is free to use for everyone and accessible around the clock.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact

Photo: By combining the ice edge map with the soil map, the Danish main residence line from the Ice Age can be clearly seen. (. (GEUS)
Christian Brogaard Pedersen
Digital Innovation Manager
Geological Data Centre