Innovative field app for data collection in Greenland

Published 03-07-2023

A new version of the field app developed at GEUS makes it even easier to collect data.

The filed app also works offline. (Christian Brogaard Pedersen, GEUS)

A new version 2.0 of the GEUS developed field app for geologic sample collection in Greenland was released by GEUS’ Geological Data Centre recently. The app is based on ArcGIS Field Maps and it is capable of going offline with GPS tracking in remote areas. It has various basemaps, such as geological and topographic maps, and satellite images sideloaded onto the field device.

Three different screen shots from the field app is shown like they are floating. There is a shadow around them. The screen shots are off maps and some data.

Photo: GEUS field app v.2.0 for geologic data and sample collection in Greenland with various basemaps, such as a topographic map, sentinel-2 satellite images and geological maps. (Christian Brogaard Pedersen, GEUS)

The app can track the location of each geologist and mark their GPS position on a map along with the location of all their sample collections and structural measurements. Through a simplified formular, the geologist can specify their type of sample and use various interactive options to narrow down their description. In total, the app has 39 code lists with over 800 coded values, some combined into contingent values. The geological information is based on GEUS’ stratigraphic database and other various international databases. The app can attach various data files such as memos, audio files, videos and field photos taken with the field app to each location.

When the geologist return, the app can sync all the collected samples, locations and structural measurements along with the attachments to the GEUS ArcGIS infrastructure. From here, the geologist can instantly access all combined field data either online or through their ArcGIS Pro workstation. Besides that, the geologist can also access a web app with a dashboard that shows the statistics of all the collected field data, such as when the sample was collected, by whom, for what purpose and so on.

A screenshot of the dashboard shows a variety of the data you can access, such as maps with locations and statistic on number of field trips and so forth.

Photo: The dashboard web app shows the statistics from last year’s field data collection in East Greenland. (Christian Brogaard Pedersen, GEUS)

The app has also been shared with Mineral Resources Authority in Greenland for their field work.

This article was originally shared by Christian Brogaard Pedersen on LinkedIn 27 June 2023.


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