New head of department for groundwater and quarternary geological mapping

Published 09-03-2022

Torben Bach is new Head of Department at The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS), where he will be in charge of the Department for Groundwater and Quaternary Geological Mapping.

Torben Bach comes from a position as Head of Department for Data & Software Services at NIRAS where his work focused on developing software and data science solutions in relation to water, energy and environment. His background also includes positions in i.a. I-GIS where he was in charge of research projects focused on geological modelling and 3D-models. He has a master’s degree in geophysics from Aarhus University as well as an MBA from the same place.

His background and experience within the combination of geology, geophysics, data science and digitalization will also form the basis for his future work in Department for Groundwater and Quaternary Geological Mapping in GEUS.

“I’m lucky enough to already know quite a few people in GEUS, because we have worked together on different projects, so I know and respect their profession. We cannot blindly replace the geological experience and insight with a digital translation of data to geology. An important part of my mission in GEUS will be to facilitate the creation of methods that can combine the geological knowledge with data-driven solutions,” says Torben Bach.

Torben Bach has a great deal of experience with machine learning and statistical methods, which he sees interesting prospects in – also in the area of geoscience.

“Machine learning is an area where the technological development goes very fast. Even though many of the technologies are old, the increased accessibility has given us new possibilities in terms of the way we solve our tasks. It creates a new context that requires us to reconsider the paradigms, we have previously been working under – for example when we build 3D geological models, analyse groundwater samples, etc. This is an already ongoing task in Department for Groundwater and Quaternary Geological Mapping, and I look forward to being an active part of it,” says Torben Bach and adds:

“Particularly the surface-near geology, which we focus on in Department for Groundwater and Quaternary Geological Mapping, is highly relevant at the moment, where subjects such as the green transition, groundwater resources, climate change, geo-energy, geotechnics, and mapping of raw materials are all related to the near-surface geology. I cannot imagine a hotter or more interesting subject to work with, and I am looking forward to getting started.”

Torben Bach
Torben Bach
Head of Department
Near Surface Land and Marine Geology