GEUS launches a new set of company values

Published 04-04-2022

The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) has decided on a new set of company values. The new values are the result of a long process where both managers and employees were involved.

A large group of managers and employees from all of GEUS’ departments has taken part in a number of workshops and working groups with the aim of defining a new set of values for the organisation. The result was four new values:

Freedom with responsibility

We have the largest possible degree of freedom within the boundaries of our goals, strategy and resources. We have a say in the planning and execution of our own work. We trust and respect each other. We take responsibility for our assignments and working relationships. We honour our agreements


We collaborate and utilise each other’s skills across the organisation. We communicate in a constructive and trustful fashion. We respect each other’s knowledge and time. We aim to help and boost each other, and we are open to the possibility that input from others can improve our idea, project or product.

Excellent research and professionalism

We produce and publish geoscientific research at the highest level. We provide counselling based on data, interdisciplinary collaboration and research-based expert knowledge. We make time for concentration and focus, knowledge sharing and skills development.

Outlook and development

We are open and maintain an outlook to the world surrounding us. We are visionary and have an eye for trends and change. We drive and support a global development, which is innovative and responsible. We reach out to participate in new projects, collaborations and networks both nationally and internationally, where we contribute with new knowledge to qualified solutions and decisions.

Anne Merete Koefoed
Deputy Director