Geological maps of Greenland available for free download

Published 16-12-2021

All published geological maps of Greenland including the geological sections in the Disko-Nuussuaq area in West Greenland are now available for free download from the GEUS Dataverse-portal.

Greenland map
Geology 1:250 000, Washington Land and Daugaard-Jensen Land.

All maps have been given a unique DOI, which is also included on the scans. Furthermore, 'related publications' such as map descriptions and separate legends are also included for download via a separate (doi-)link in the metadata description section.

The maps  – 145 in total – have all been scanned at 400 dpi (tiff) and converted to pdf. Both file types are available for download from GEUS’ Dataverse-portal

Martin Sønderholm
Special Consultant
Geological Data Centre