Paul Knutz has been appointed as professor in marine geology at GEUS

Published 15-11-2019

On 1 October, Paul Knutz took up the position as professor in marine geology at Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS). The new professorship will provide synergy to the marine geoscience area and enhance GEUS’ international profile.

Paul Knutz new professor

In his new position, Paul Knutz will add broad scientific knowledge and substantial experience from international research projects to marine geology at GEUS. Paul Knutz obtained his MSc at Aarhus University and has a PhD in geoscience from Cardiff University in the UK. He has almost 20 years of experience within the realm of geology, and since 2006, he has worked at GEUS, his latest position as senior researcher in the Department of Geophysics.

The past can tell us about the future

As a new professor at GEUS, Paul Knutz is looking forward to taking up a range of tasks. Especially, the job of studying the climate events of prehistoric times and drawing parallels to the climate changes of today is a topic that the marine geological expert will throw light on:

”We know that global warming is enhancing the melting of glaciers in Greenland with the risk of accelerating a sea-level rise. To better understand the climate changes we are experiencing today and can expect to see within the next 50 to 100 years we must look at the past. By studying how ice sheets have behaved in the past, we can gain new understandings of their dynamics and response to warming, which will help us to predict future developments”, says Paul Knutz and he continues:

”One of my most important tasks is to carry on increasing our range of research and to ensure that we maintain the necessary geological knowledge that can prepare us for the future. Synergy is a key word in this connection. Synergy between existing research groups at GEUS and the universities, between projects and across scientific disciplines involving marine geoscience. And also, of particular relevance for Danish research, is the knowledge we gain from cooperation with our international colleagues.”

A new beacon in marine geology

According to head of Department of Marine Geology, Jørn Bo Jensen, the new professorship will promote GEUS’ standing internationally, strengthen collaboration and add to the sharing of expertise across the field of marine geoscience:

“For GEUS’ future activities it is essential to have a number of beacons, who can unify all our valuable marine geological activities. Paul Knutz is one such beacon. He contributes with a well-known research profile within marine geology that includes both seismic and climate studies, which can strengthen cooperation, knowledge sharing across the area as well as our international scientific profile even further,” says Jørn Bo Jensen.


Paul Knutz
Research Professor
Near Surface Land and Marine Geology

Inaugural lecture

Paul Knutz will hold his inaugural lecture ’Marine Geology in a warming Earth System’ on Thursday 23 January 2020 from 14 to 15 at Universitetsparken in Aarhus. The lecture will take place in the auditorium on the second floor, next to Marine Geological Department.

Everyone is welcome.

After the lecture, a reception will be held.