Historical expedition films from Greenland

Published 19-07-2018

Films from historical geological expedition to Greenland have been digitized and later cut and edited to selected short stories. The first four are now ready.

Arctic exploration

The historical archive at Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) contains thousands of photos and films from past expeditions to Greenland. It is a historical documentation of the geological exploration of this large arctic country. Some of these recordings have been digitized to make them available for a larger audience. It is tempting to say, that the present archive is the key to the past.

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Searching for oil in North Greenland in 1985

During the 1980ies geologists were looking for energy all over the world, and in 1984 the first systematic oil geological investigations were started in North Greenland to map the hydrocarbon potential. During the summers of 1984 and 1985 geologists were drilling cores and mapped the rocks to search for signs, that oil has been formed. It is challenging to work in this large remote part of the world.

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Organizing the geological mapping of North Greenland

Systematic geological mapping of North Greenland was carried out by GEUS over a five year period from 1978-1980 and again from1984-1985. The work was logistically supported from larger basecamps established in the remote end empty landscapes. See how the geologists are working and learn about daily life in the base camp.
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Game of flags

Hans Island is a tiny island lying in the middle of Nares Strait between Greenland and Canada. No decision has been made as to whom has the sovereignty of Hans Island. In 1984 the Danish Minister for Greenland Tom Høyem visited the GEUS base camp in North Greenland to follow the geological mapping activities. During his stay, the Minister visited Hans Island to mark, that he regarded the island as Danish/Greenlandic territory. In 2018, Denmark, Greenland and Canada have set up a working group to solve the border issue.

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Underground channel

The films are cut and edited by the Underground Channel, which is a geoscience video channel, GEUS has launched together with Geocenter Denmark in 2015.

Through small short films, the Underground Channel gives you insight into Danish geoscience and presents the work of the geologists and research of the planet, its structure, evolution, landscape and dynamics.

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