First Camp Century Climate Monitoring Programme expedition

Published 20-06-2017

This summer, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) will undertake an expedition to Camp Century planned for July 12 to August 9 to initiate the Camp Century Climate Monitoring Programme established by the Danish Government in agreement with the Greenland Government.

During this expedition, a science team will install an automated climate station that transmits meteorological and glaciological observations back to Copenhagen by satellite. The science team will also drill deep ice cores to measure near-surface density and recover samples for further analysis. Finally, a radar survey of the sub-surface debris field will be performed.

Read more about the data and the challenging expedition on the new website.


William Colgan
Senior researcher
Glaciology and Climate


Signe Bech Andersen
Head of Department for Glaciology and Climate
Department of Glaciology and Climate


Mette Buck Jensen
Head of Press and Communications
Press and Communications