Resources for growth and welfare - Annual Report 2015

Published 28-07-2016

Resources for growth and prosperity is the title of GEUS 'Annual Report 2015, which has just been published with information about activities within the working areas: data, water, energy, minerals, nature and climate.

Under the heading Geology for Society GEUS launched its new updated strategy in 2015. The strategy has an eight-year span and form the strategic foundation for GEUS' performance contract with the Danish Ministry for Energy, Utilities and Climate for the period 2016-2019.

Read more about the strategy and GEUS' many other activities in 2015 within the areas of data, water, energy, minerals, nature and climate, and building expertise in several developing countries.

You can read about:

  • Online data on geology and mineral resources of Greenland
  • Common European minerals databases
  • International research evaluation of the water area
  • National nitrogen model
  • More knowledge about the oil and gas potential in the North Sea
  • Deep and shallow geothermal energy
  • Minerals for Danish industry - economics and supply
  • New Danish mineral resources statistics
  • Robustness to flooding
  • Faster meltwater release from the Greenland ice sheet
  • Clean drinking water in Vietnam
  • Collaborative petroleum geology work in Vietnam

Read the publication: Resources for growth and welfare. Annual Report 2015

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