Now available in Frisbee: 3D seismic data

Published 11-01-2016

We hereby announce that data from all released 3D seismic surveys is now available in the Frisbee system if the data has been submitted to GEUS.

Compared to our previous standard prices you will obtain a 13% discount when purchasing data using Frisbee.

At the moment Frisbee only contains original 3D processings and only the most final data type is available for download through Frisbee e.g. final migration or final stack.

If received the following reports and data will be included: Navigation data, Bin centre data, Velocity data, Final migration, Scanned acquisition and processing reports.

Other data types from the original processing e.g. raw stack and raw migration may be available and will be added to the Frisbee e-shop later the same is the case for the data sets from all released 're-processings'.

Newly released 3D seismic data set:

  • DAN2005 (115.1 sq. km)

  • DUC2005_DK (2,725.2 sq. km)

  • MC3D-ANGELINA2007_DK (2,067.4 sq. Km)

  • SOUTH-ARNE-2005 (229.0 sq. km)

For map and details go to:

Please note: Only data in the Danish sector is available from GEUS.

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