New model can improve early flood warnings

Published 05-01-2016

A new model can monitor underground water in real-time and will help to improve early flood warnings.

A group of Danish scientists have developed a nationwide model that could help local flood forecasters predict imminent floods up to 48 hours ahead of time.

The new model was presented in December 2015 at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union, in San Francisco, USA.

The new model uses weather forecast data for the whole of Denmark to predict how much water exists underground, in the soil, and in rivers.

One particular advantage of the new model is that it will help flood forecasters to pick up on events that could be missed when scientists don't have any data on the amount of water stored in the underground.

"In the future we will need systems like this, as the world is warmer and wetter, and rivers are fuller," says hydrologist Hans Jørgen Henriksen from GEUS, which is a co-author to the work, to ScienceNordic.

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