New board of directors for GEUS

Published 22-12-2016

The Danish Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate, Lars Chr. Lilleholt, has appointed a new board of directors for the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS). The board will accede on 1 January 2017, with the appointment period ending on 31 December 2020.

Professor Minik Thorleif Rosing has been reappointed as chairman of the GEUS' board of directors. Minik Rosing is a geologist and has long research experience from his many years of surveying the geology in Greenland. His work also includes communication of the research, and he has for many years been a member of various research commissions, scientific councils and boards, including his membership of GEUS' board since 2005.

In this connection, the Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate, Lars Chr. Lilleholt, says:
- GEUS has a very central role as an advisory and research institution as regards our geological knowledge about Denmark and Greenland. We can, I'm happy to say, with the new board of directors and with Minik Thorleif Rosing as chairman, ensure that GEUS is able to continue its important work. The knowledge that GEUS delivers for instance contributes to make us even more capable of using some of the renewable energy resources hidden in our subsoil.

The GEUS board from 1 January 2017