Evaluation of the uranium potential in Greenland

Published 10-04-2014

GEUS has published a report on the geological assessment of the uranium potential in Greenland compiled on the basis of data and knowledge about geological environments.

GEUS has undertaken an overall geological evaluation of the uranium potential in Greenland and the report is now available. The report is aimed at mineral exploration companies and points to areas with the potential of finding new uranium deposits. The assessment is based on a systematic review of geological environments that are known to hold economic uranium deposits. Furthermore, the assessment includes information regarding already existing findings and uranium data. The assessment of uranium potential in different areas is classified as big/medium/small and the methodology applied is in accordance with international practice for evaluating the mineral potential of geological terranes. GEUS concludes that the following regions in particular carry high uranium potential: South Greenland, several localities in West Greenland, the Thule basin in North-West Greenland, and in central East Greenland.

Download the report:
An evaluation of the potential for uranium deposits in Greenland. MiMa-report 2014/1 (pdf-fil ~3mb)

Center for Minerals and Materials (MiMa)
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