International research evaluation of the programme area Mineral Resources

Published 08-01-2013

An international evaluation of the programme area Mineral Resources shows that GEUS performs high-quality research in this area.

An international evaluation of GEUS' research within the programme area Mineral Resources has been concluded. The results are documented in a report prepared by an international evaluation panel.

The minister of Climate, Energy and Building, Martin Lidegaard, has taken note of the evaluation panel's report and expressed his satisfaction with its positive conclusion that GEUS produces high-quality research in this area. The minster also welcomes the specific recommendations for new projects.

"With the increased focus on the connection between growth strategies and resources in Greenland, Denmark and the EU, as well as in a broader international perspective, I find it very significant that the Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building has a strong, recognised and centrally placed research institution such as GEUS. GEUS' research in mineral resources is important for the Ministry's focus on the vulnerability in connection with basic materials for infrastructure projects and critical minerals for green high technology. GEUS' research can also contribute to the discussion about resource efficiency etc. when the Ministry cooperates with companies and other interested parties".

Read the evaluation report:
Scientific evaluation of Programme area 4 Raw Materials (2004-2010) at the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS).
evaluation_report_area-4_final_30-8-2011.pdf (pdf file ~220Kb)

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