The Aeromag 2012 SE Greenland aeromagnetic survey to start in May - EON Geoscience Ltd is the operator

Published 07-05-2012

GEUS can announce that the tender round (see news 14 February 2012) for the geophysical survey Aeromag 2012 and 2013 over SE Greenland now has been concluded with the signing of a contract with EON Geosciences Ltd from Quebec, Canada, for both years. Eight companies participated in the tender.

GEUS and BMP are satisfied to be able to move ahead with this important survey that is to be carried out as a part of a joint BMP/GEUS research and development project. EON Geosciences Ltd. plans to mobilise May 2012 for the first year's data acquisition, operating out of Narsarssuaq in South Greenland and utilizing Kulusuk as the required alternate airport. The goal is to acquire some 50.000 line kilometres of aeromagnetic data in 2012, to be used in the mineral resource assessment programme presently underway in the region, in another joint project of BMP and GEUS. The data will be released to the public around the time of the next PDAC conference in Toronto, March 2013. Until then the data are confidential.
The specifications of the survey correspond to the Aeromag surveying programme: line spacing 500 m, tie line spacing 5000 m, altitude c. 300 m draped. Further news from the operations will be forthcoming here at regular intervals.

Further information:
Leif Thorning

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