The Gardar Alkaline Province Workshop

Published 11-12-2012

Department of Petrology and Economic Geology is hosting The Gardar Alkaline Province Workshop on 11 and 12 December.

The workshop takes place at GEUS in the Theodor Sorgenfrei Auditorium - starting at 11:00 a.m. See programme Gardar_Workshop_Dec_2012-program.pdf.

Attendees from outside GEUS must register at the reception.

Anyone with interest in economic geology is welcome!

Kristine Thrane
Senior Research Scientist
Phone +45 3814 2256

Igneous layering in kakortokites in the southern part of the Ilímaussaq alkaline complex, South Greenland. The central part of the photograph shows the uppermost part of the layered kakortokite series and the overlying transitional kakortokites and aegirine lujavrite on Laksefjeld (680 m), the dark mountain in the left middle ground of the photograph. The cliff facing the lake in the right middle ground shows the kakortokite layers + 4 to + 9. The kakortokite in the cliff on the opposite side of the lake is rich in xenoliths of roof rocks of augite syenite and naujaite making the layering less distinct. On the skyline is the mountain ridge Killavaat ('the comb'), the highest peak 1216 m, which is made up of Proterozoic granite which was baked and hardened at the contact to the intrusive complex. The lake (987 m) in the foreground is intensely blue and clear because it is practically devoid of life. The whole area is devoid of vegetation, with crumbly rocks typical of the nepheline syenites of the complex.