Danish-Swedish-Canadian Expedition reaches the North Pole

Published 23-08-2009

LOMROG II 2009, 5th Field Report

During a cruise in the Arctic Ocean with the Swedish icebreaker Oden, a Danish-Swedish-Canadian expedition reached the geographical North Pole on August 22 at 21:04 (UTC). The aim of the expedition is to collect scientific data for the Danish and Canadian Continental Shelf projects in order to document claims for an extended continental shelf to the north of Greenland and Canada beyond the present 200 nautical mile zone.

The North Pole was covered by 10/10 of sea ice and Oden had to break through partly heavy sea ice as also in the weeks before the arrival at the North Pole.

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The arrival at the North Pole was celebrated in a very traditional way by raising the flags of the countries represented onboard Oden : Denmark, Sweden, Canada, Russia, Germany, USA, Spain, Greenland and Nunavut. After a glass of champagne on the bridge and a group photo on the sea ice in front of Oden , the ship continued its scientific program. Photo: Benjamin Hell.
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