Geophysical quality control in Ghana

Published 07-04-2006

GEUS has started a new geophysical quality control project in Ghana

The European Union has decided to support the development of the mining sector in Ghana. A number of projects were announced under the Mining Sector Support Programme - Project No 8 ACP GH 027 last year. A project concerned with "The Provision of Quality Control Services to the Airborne Geophysical Survey" was won by GEUS in a tender process and the contract was signed in December of 2005.

As part of the MSSP programme, several major airborne geophysical surveys will be carried out over the Volta and Keta basins in Ghana: an aeromagnetic/radiometric survey, an electromagnetic survey and a gravity survey. The geophysical contractor for the first two is Fugro Airborne Surveys Ltd in a project also encompassing remote sensing and interpretation in co-operation with the British Geological Survey. The tender process for the gravity survey is ongoing.

GEUS will be responsible for the quality control of all the airborne geophysical surveys and for the training of geophysicists at the Ghana Geological Survey Department in geophysical quality control processes. The project is well underway and is expected to run into 2008. The Danish National Space Centre will work with GEUS as a sub consultant responsible for the quality control of the gravity survey.

Further contact: Project Manager Leif Thorning, GEUS
Phone: +45 38 14 22 22

One of the Fugro aircraft used in Ghana for the aeromagnetic/radiometric survey

One of the Fugro aircraft used in Ghana for the aeromagnetic/radiometric survey. The insert show GEUS' main contact at the Geological Survey Department (GSD) in Ghana, Mr. Samuel Amedofu, Head of the Geophysics Division of GSD