EU Tender (Open Procedure) - 15 February 2005

Published 16-02-2005

Acquisition and processing of multichannel seismic data and Multibeam data off Faroe Island

As part of activities in relation to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) Article 76, GEUS intends to acquire and process a minimum of 500 km of multichannel seismic data and 25.400 km2 of Multibeam data off Faroe Island.

Download tender documents:

GEUS EU Tender Fo.doc

Enclosure 1 Survey Secs Sismic.doc

Enclosure 2 Processing seismic.doc

Enclosure 3 Specification of a multibeam survey in the North Atlantic.doc

Enclosure 4 Acq_contract.doc

Enclosure 5 Processing Contract.doc

Enclosure 6 Draft contract Multibeam.doc

ANNEX A - FAU format description.doc

ANNEX B - Faroe survey areas.doc

ANNEX C - Bathymetric title sheet.doc

ANNEX D - Data acquisition and processing report.doc

ANNEX E - Descriptive report form.doc

ANNEX F - Depth contours.doc

ANNEX G - Multibeam Price Quoation.doc


For further information please contact Steen Lomholt or Jens Jørgen Møller