Earthquake in Skagerak near Thy

Published 09-07-1998

The night between Wednesday and Thursday the 9th of July 1998 at 1:14 pm an earthquake occured in the Skagerrak Sea near Thy, about 30 km offshore.

The earthquake, which has been measured to 3.3 on the Richter scale, was felt by people living in the area of the towns Thisted, Hurup, Vestervig and Ydby.
Last time an earthquake was registered in the area of Thisted was the 4th of December 1997.

Map of the Thisted area

The seismograms are recordings of the earthquake at our seismic stations in Mønsted Kalkmine (Mønsted Chalkmine), in Copenhagen and at Stevns. The North-South as well as the East-West components are shown.

28 seconds between Mønsted and Copenhagen
The earthquake is seen most clearly at the station in Mønsted, where the instruments are placed directly on the firm underground (chalk) and are not disturbed by cultural noise such as heavy traffic.
The seismic wave reaches Copenhagen 28 seconds later than Mønsted because of the longer travel distance from the epicenter in Skagerrak.