Deep and shallow geothermal energy

At GEUS, we conduct research on how better to exploit deep and shallow geothermal energy as well as energy storage.

We use our knowledge to advise Danish authorities on the exploitation of the geothermal resources of the subsurface. We also cooperate with other operators in the energy sector to minimise the costs and risks of various geothermal solutions. GEUS is a central operator in research and consultancy in:

  • Deep geothermal energy
  • Shallow geothermal energy

Long experience with deep geothermal energy (depth: 800–3000 metres)

For many years, GEUS has conducted research and consultancy in connection with the assessment of the deep geothermal resources in Denmark. Often in close cooperation with private companies and public-sector institutions.

Primarily, this work includes developing geological models of the Danish subsurface describing and predicting the location of geological layers in the subsurface that may contain large quantities of hot water, which can be pumped up from the subsurface to the surface where the geothermal energy can be used. Normally geothermal heat is exploited by pumping the hot water up through a production well and then extracting the heat. The cooled water is then pumped back down into the subsurface through an injection well.

Read more about GEUS’ work with deep geothermal energy (in Danish).

Active research and consultancy about shallow geothermal energy (depth: 0–300 metres)

The shallow geothermal resources are primarily used to extract the heat from shallow geothermal hoses and closed-loop systems in the wells and for groundwater cooling from open wells. The geological layers close to the surface can also be used for energy storage.

GEUS assesses heat and groundwater flows based on model studies and regularly maps the thermal properties of the different soil types in the top 300 metres in Denmark. This is done to protect the environment as much as possible as well as to establish cost-effective and efficient installations.

Read more about GEUS’ work with shallow geothermal energy, cooling and storage (in Danish).