Excursion to spectacular example of a wave- dominated delta in Denmark

Hydrocarbon and groundwater exploration. Our experienced geologists will guide you through the upper Oligocene - lower Miocene succession in Denmark. The excursion is of interest to exploration and reservoir geologists and to those working with seismic data, log-correlation and detailed sedimentology.

Contact us, if you want one of our experienced geologists to guide you through the upper Oligocene - lower Miocene succession in Denmark. Here is something for the exploration geologist and reservoir geologist within oil and gas and groundwater. The succession that crops out in the Lillebælt and Vejle Fjord area in east Jutland, shows exceptionally detailed sedimentary structures and demonstrates clearly facies changes within a shallow marine and back barrier depositional environment.

Interpretations of the sedimentary structures have been combined with detailed palynofacies studies, resulting in the recognition of major flooding surfaces as well as constraining the sedimentary interpretations. High quality seismic data illustrates the development of a wave-dominated delta and how to predict thick reservoir sands.

A sequence stratigraphic model has been proposed for the outcropping succession and the major surfaces and boundaries can be recognized on seismic data and followed into the North Sea Basin. A prominent displacement of the shoreline of c. 100 km, represented by a delta system, is excellently demonstrated on seismic data.

Geological excursion output:

  • Reservoir prediction in wave-dominated deltas.
  • Principles of classic sequence stratigraphy.
  • Prediction of porous reservoir rocks.
  • Detailed history of the structural evolution of the North Sea.
  • Re-suspension and sorting of clay minerals and consequences for the overpressure zone in the Central Graben.
  • Timing of tilting of the North Sea Basin - burial history and migration of hydrocarbons.


Erik Skovbjerg Rasmussen
Senior Research Geologist, Ph.D.