Earthquakes and seismology

GEUS is responsible for monitoring and registration of earthquakes and other seismic activities in Denmark and Greenland.

Monitoring of seismic activities

Data from the seismograph stations in Denmark and Greenland are used for registering both local and distant earthquakes. GEUS’ data form part of the international monitoring of earthquakes and nuclear-bomb tests and they contribute to more precise localisation. Furthermore, the seismological data form the basis for research and consultancy within a wide range of seismological disciplines, nationally and internationally.

Read more about the monitoring of seismic activities (in Danish).

Registered earthquackes

All registered earthquakes in Denmark and Greenland are shown in tables found in the links below. The tables are extracted from GEUS’ earthquake database. The earthquakes’ times, positions and magnitudes can change and are regularly updated.

See the table for registered earthquakes in Denmark and registered earthquakes in Greenland (in Danish).

Reporting on earthquakes

It is very important to earthquake research to map the area where an earthquake has been felt as well as to get information about how powerful the shakes have been in the individual places.

Report earthquake (in Danish).

Deep seismology

GEUS has many years of experience of making seismological experiments and we are experts in carrying out the experiments on land as well as at sea. Our focus has been primarily on Greenland, the Arctic Ocean, the Faroe Islands and Canada.

Read more about deep seismology (in Danish).



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