Fact Sheet 30, 2014

New licensing procedure and data on zinc in North Greenland

The Government of Greenland has in 2014 set up a new Open Door Licensing Procedure for mineral exploration licences for the onshore areas north of 81°, which are believed to have unique potential for discoveries of zinc deposits of world-class scale.

North Greenland has shown great potential for zinc and lead occurrences. The favourable geology of North Greenland is related to the formation of the Franklinian Basin. The east–west-striking basin comprises a carbo - nate platform in the southern part and trough sediments such as mudstones and shales towards the north. The carbonate platform has the Mississippi Valley Type (MVT) zinc-lead (± barium) deposits, and the trough sediments host sedimentary exhalative deposits (SEDEX). MVT deposits are found in Washington Land and Navarana Fjord, and a representative SEDEX deposit is the well-known Citronen Fjord deposit.


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