Geology of Greenland Survey Bulletin 185 - 2000

Greenland from Archaean to Quaternary. Descriptive text to the Geological map of Greenland, 1:2 500 000

Niels Henriksen, A.K. Higgins, Feiko Kalsbeek and T. Christopher R. Pulvertaft

Greenland's geological development spans a period of 4 Ga, from the earliest Archaean to the Quaternary. An overview of the geology was presented in 1995 on a Geological map of Greenland at a scale of 1:2 500 000.

This bulletin provides a description of the geology of Greenland. It is divided into onshore and offshore parts, and there are sections on the mineral deposits and the petroleum potential. It includes an extensive subject index, a place names register and a special legend explanation.

The main chapters comprise descriptions of the Greenland Precambrian shield with Archaean and Proterozoic crystalline complexes, Proterozoic and Palaeozoic sedimentary basins, Tertiary basalts and offshore sedimentary basins.