Geology of Greenland Survey Bulletin 180 - 1998

Review of Greenland activities 1997 - 1998

Edited by A. K. Higgins and W. Stuart Watt 

This is the second volume of Review of Greenland activities. It follows the tradition of Report of activities of the former Geological Survey of Greenland that was issued for 30 years until 1996.

The bulletin contains 24 articles, introduced by the Director-s review for 1997, followed by a list of publications on Greenland issued in the Survey-s own series and those scientific papers written by its staff published in international outlets.

The articles report on onshore and offshore field work and on the main Greenland projects carried out during 1997. Several current research reviews are also included. A wide range of topics is touched on from geological and geophysical data on early Archaean to Quaternary rocks, to offshore geophysics and oceanography, with several papers dealing with petroleum and mineral exploration.

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A review of Greenland activities, 1997 (pdf, 0.1 Mb)
M. Ghisler


1. Petroleum geological activities onshore West Greenland in 1997 (pdf, 0.6)
F.G. Christiansen, A. Boesen, J.A. Bojesen-Koefoed, F. Dalhoff, G. Dam, P.S. Neuhoff, A.K. Pedersen, G.K. Pedersen, L.S. Stannius and K. Zinck-Jørgensen


2. New structure maps over the Nuussuaq Basin, central West Greenland (pdf, 1.1 Mb)
J.A. Chalmers, T.C.R. Pulvertaft, C. Marcussen and A.K. Pedersen


3. A possible new hydrocarbon play, offshore central West Greenland (pdf, 3.1 Mb)
N. Skaarup and J.A. Chalmers


4. Diagenesis and reservoir properties of Campanian-Paleocene sandstones in the GANT#1 well, western Nuussuaq, central West Greenland (pdf, 0.2 Mb)
T. Kierkegaard


5. Petroleum geological activities in East Greenland in 1997 (pdf, 0.4 Mb)
M. Larsen, S. Piasecki, T. Preuss, L. Seidler, L. Stemmerik, J. Therkelsen and H. Vosgerau


6. Sequence stratigraphy of source and reservoir rocks in the Upper Permian and Jurassic of Jameson Land, East Greenland (pdf, 0.6 Mb)
L. Stemmerik, G. Dam, N. Noe-Nygaard, S. Piasecki and F. Surlyk


7. Wandel Sea Basin, eastern North Greenland (pdf, 0.3 Mb)
L. Stemmerik, F. Dalhoff, B.D. Larsen, J. Lyck, A. Mathiesen and I. Nilsson


8. Airborne geophysical surveys in central West Greenland and central East Greenland in 1997 (pdf, 0.6 Mb)
L. Thorning and R.W. Stemp


9. Carbonate-hosted Zn-Pb-Ag mineralisation in Washington Land, western North Greenland (pdf, 0.4 Mb)
S.M. Jensen


10. Karrat 97: reconnaissance mineral exploration in central West Greenland (pdf, 0.7 Mb)
A. Steenfelt, B. Thomassen, M. Lind and J. Kyed


11. Hydrothermal activity in the Upper Permian Ravnefjeld Formation of central East Greenland - a study of sulphide morphotypes (pdf, 0.6 Mb)
J.K. Nielsen and M. Pedersen


12. A reassessment of the timing of early Archaean crustal evolution in West Greenland (pdf, 0.4 Mb)
S. Moorbath and B.S. Kamber


13. Early Archaean Isua supracrustal belt, West Greenland: pilot study of the Isua Multidisciplinary Research Project (pdf, 0.1 Mb)
P.W.U. Appel, C.M. Fedo, S. Moorbath and J.S. Myers


14. Archaean and Palaeoproterozoic orogenic processes: Danish Lithosphere Centre studies of the Nagssugtoqidian orogen, West Greenland (pdf, 0.7 Mb)
F. Mengel, J.A.M. van Gool, E. Krogstad and the 1997 field crew


15. Reassessment of the north-western border zone of the Palaeoproterozoic Ketilidian orogen, South Greenland (pdf, 0.3 Mb)
A.A. Garde, B. Chadwick, K. McCaffrey and M. Curtis


16. North-East Greenland 1997-1998: a new 1:500 000 mapping project in the Caledonian fold belt (72°-75°N) (pdf, 0.7 Mb)
N. Henriksen


17. The oldest marine Cretaceous sediments in West Greenland (Umiivik-1 borehole) - record of the Cenomanian-Turonian Anoxic Event? (pdf, 0.8 Mb)
G. Dam, H. Nøhr-Hansen, F.G. Christiansen, J.A. Bojesen-Koefoed and T. Laier


18 The northernmost marine Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary section: Nuussuaq, West Greenland (pdf, 0.4 Mb)
G. Dam, H. Nøhr-Hansen and W.J. Kennedy


19. Seismic investigations offshore South-East Greenland (pdf, 1 Mb)
J.R. Hopper, D. Lizarralde and H.C. Larsen


20. Mantle xenoliths from Tertiary lavas and dykes on Ubekendt Ejland, West Greenland (pdf, 0.1 Mb)
S. Bernstein and C.K. Brooks


21. Late Cenozoic wood from Washington Land, North Greenland (pdf, 0.2 Mb)
O. Bennike


22. Pingos at Nioghalvfjerdsfjorden, eastern North Greenland (pdf, 0.4 Mb)
O. Bennike


23. Late Quaternary palaeo-oceanography of the Denmark Strait overflow pathway, South-East Greenland margin (pdf, 0.3 Mb)
A. Kuijpers, J.B. Jensen, S.R. Troelstra and shipboard scientific party of RV Professor Logachev and RV Dana


24 Labrador Sea circulation and climate variability over decade to millennial time scales (pdf, 0.4 Mb)
J.T. Overpeck, O. Bennike and A. Robertson


Publications on Greenland by the Survey, 1997 (pdf, 0.3 Mb)

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