Geology of Greenland Survey Bulletin 179 - 1998

The Citronen Fjord massive sulphide deposit, Peary Land, North Greenland: discovery, stratigraphy, mineralization and structural setting

Frank W. van der Stijl and Greg Z. Mosher

Cover Photo

Low cloud and mist shroud the land on the eve of the discovery of the Citronen Fjord massive sulphide deposit in May 1993. The deposit was found during regional reconnaissance using Iow-cost logistics, viz. a skidoo-sledge expedition using the fjord ice. Primary targets were the reported gossans and sulphide showings in the Lower Palaeozoic sediments at Citronen Fjord. The scene shows the company Platinova?s arrival at the mouth of Citronen Fjord, looking south into the fjord with low-lying marine terraces visible at its head. Massive sulphides were encountered on the first-day of exploration in the low cloud-covered hills of the Discovery area (left background). The height of the mountain on the right is about 850 m. Photo: Stefan Bernstein, 17th May, 1993