Geology of Greenland Survey Bulletin 173 - 1997

Cambrian shelf stratigraphy of North Greenland

Jon R. Ineson and John S. Peel

Cover Photo

Lower - Middle Cambrian strata near the head of Nordenskiöld Ford, north of Jungersen Gletscher, Freuchen Land. Reddish sandstones and succeeding scree-covered mudstones of the Buen Formation (at glacier level ) are conformably overlain by proximal slope-outer shelf carbonates and siliciclastics of the Brønlund Fjord Group. This area has proved critical in the correlation from Cambrian platform interior and platform margin strata to the equivalent slope and outer shelf carbonates and siliciclastics. Exposed Brønlund Fjord Group section is c. 300 m thick. Photo: Jakob Lautrup