Review of Survey activities (RoSA) 2018: what is new, and why the change?

Publiceret 18-06-2019

Regular readers of the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Bulletin will notice some subtle changes to how the latest edition is presented online. Here is a short summary of those changes and why we are making them.

1.  Immediate online publication

Individual RoSA articles will now be published as soon as they have been accepted and typeset for publication.

This means no more waiting to read a particular article of interest. Instead, we will be releasing RoSA articles throughout June and July 2019, as and when they are ready for publication. 

Be sure to bookmark this page to check for new articles published as part of the RoSA 2018. A single file containing all of the articles in this volume will be available for download, once the last article is published online and the volume is finalised.

2. Updated online and full-text PDF design

We have made some small changes to how volumes and articles are presented on the GEUS Bulletin website.

Each article is now assigned a DOI link, providing a permanent identifier for each article. Using this link will help to ensure that you always find the article you are looking for – even if the article is moved to another webpage or to an entirely new website. The DOI link is clearly displayed online and in the article PDF. DOIs will from here-on-in be assigned to all types of content published in the Bulletin. We plan to assign DOIs to our back catalogue at a later date.

We have also expanded the information provided online for each volume and each article now has its own dedicated landing page. For example, navigating to the newly released RoSA webpage, you will now see bibliographic information for each article, including the type of article, the publication date and a short preview.

From here, you can either download the full article as a PDF or click to see the article online. Clicking on this link will take you to another webpage, dedicated to that article. Here, you will find an introductory summary for the article, along with complete bibliographic information, supplementary data files, a full text citation, and the permanent DOI link. The full article can be downloaded by clicking the “Download PDF” button at the top of the article.

Finally, each article is now assigned an electronic ID. You will notice this online and in the article PDFs as a strange code with the following format: e2019430101. This electronic ID is used to construct the DOI and will be used in place of page numbers in electronic-format articles. Electronic IDs are an important change as we move to a ‘publish when ready’ model in a digital age. However, regular page numbers will still be used in printed products.

Boosting the online presence of the GEUS Bulletin

We hope that these small changes in presentation will help readers and authors to find and access our articles online. But there are also some important technical reasons behind these changes.

Collectively, these developments are the first step in a larger project to boost the visibility and accessibility of the Bulletin overall, to strengthen its presence online, boost citations, and to ensure that we meet all the existing and upcoming EU regulations for open access publishing.

This means that shorter articles, like the Review of Survey Activities, will no longer be available as a printed book for purchase. Instead, our focus will be on presenting each short article in a digital format, such that all of the articles published in the GEUS Bulletin become more accessible to researchers here at GEUS, Denmark, and around the world. The next step is to make each article and monograph chapter available in a full-text format online.

New changes, same high quality

The GEUS Bulletin is adapting and modernising to a new online publishing environment. But this will not be at the expense of the high-quality print editions. On the contrary, these changes aim to ensure that the Bulletin is available for generations of scientists to come, and that all of the Bulletin contents are easily accessible to researchers around the world.

We will continue to publish the larger volumes (monographs and large thematic issues) in a print format. In doing so, we will continue to offer the high-quality print publications that the GEUS Bulletin is known for. And rest assured, you will always be able download articles, chapters and entire volumes as PDFs from the website.

If you have any questions about these changes or anything else related to the bulletin don’t hesitate to get in touch with the editor-in-chief, Catherine Jex:

Read the latest edition of the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Bulletin: Review of Survey activities 2018.


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