Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Bulletin 41 - 2018


Review of Survey activities 2017

Editors Adam A. Garde, Ole Bennike and W. Stuart Watt

The 22 contributions in this issue of Review of Survey activities demonstrate the broad field of activities performed by the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland and external partners.

Seven papers on Danish geology comprise an investigation of reservoir sandstones for oil and gas production in the Danish Central Graben, an evaluation of alternative depository sites for unwanted brine in a commercial gas storage facility, and a study of alum shale nanoporosity, which provides new insight into the Danish shale gas play. Till deposits are addressed in a paper on chalk-glacitectonite and in an example of using ground-penetrating radar for a structural study. Two offshore articles describe Neogene oil-bearing diatom ooze in the North Sea and a large area of unusual, inclined bedding in Skagerrak.

In Greenland, four papers deal with remote sensing in geological mapping, describing advanced methodology and results of photogrammetry and hyperspectral mapping from mobile platforms such as helicopters and boats, and a fifth paper discusses the need for systematic updates of Survey maps as new data are acquired. A new geophysical map offshore West Greenland is also presented and geochemical data from sedimentary rocks in North Greenland are used to discuss potential mineralisation processes related to the world-scale zinc deposit at Citronen Fjord. The ongoing monitoring of the Greenland ice sheet is addressed in four contributions, including the newly established radioactive waste study at Camp Century and a reconstruction of past sea-ice extent off eastern Greenland back to the 19th century. Besides, records of European whaling and trading in the 17th–19th centuries are used to discuss past climate variations in West Greenland.

The issue also contains an evaluation of future use of and demand for rare-earth elements in wind turbines, a study of laser ablation techniques in the analysis of fish otoliths for fish stock monitoring, and an account of current activities to maintain and expand a common geological database for the European Union.


Diagenetic impact on reservoir sandstones of the Heno Formation in the Ravn-3 well, Danish Central Graben
S. Pedersen, R. Weibel, N.H. Schovsbo


Potential for brine storage near the gas storage facility at Lille Torup, northern Jylland, Denmark
M.L. Hjuler, M.S. Andersen, C.M. Nielsen, A. Mathiesen, L. Kristensen, N. Skaarup and L.H. Nielsen


Shale fabric and organic nanoporocity in lower Palaeozoic shales, Bornholm, Denmark
L.M. Henningsen, C.H. Jensen, N.H. Schovsbo, A. Thorshøj Nielsen and G.K. Pedersen


Chalk-glacitectonite, an important lithology in former glaciated terrains covering chalk and limestone bedrock
S.A.S. Pedersen, P. Gravesen and K. Hinsby


Sedimentological and glaciotectonic interpretation of georadar data from the margin of the Vig ice-push ridge, NW Sjælland, Denmark
C.S. Andersen & P.R. Jakobsen


Miocene oil-bearing diatom ooze from the North Sea
E. Sheldon, E.S. Rasmussen, K. Dybkjær, T.E. Eidvin, F. Riis and R. Weibel


Initial observations of the shallow geology in Tannis Bugt, Skagerrak, Denmark
M.J. Owen, N.H. Witt, Z. Al-Hamdani, N. Nørgaard-Pedersen, K.J. Andresen and J.O. Leth


Update of the seamless 1:500 000 scale geological map of Greenland based on recent field work in the Wandel Sea Basin, Eastern North Greenland
K. Svennevig


Base-metal and REE anomalies in lower Palaeozoic sedimentary rocks of Amundsen Land, central North Greenland: implications for Zn-Pb potential
D. Rosa, J.F. Slack and H. Falck
Appendix A: Whole-rock analyses of early Palaeozoic sedimentary rocks (Excel-file)


Mineral mapping by hyperspectral remote sensing in West Greenland using airborne, ship-based and terrestrial platforms
S. Salehi and S.M. Thaarup


Hyperspectral analysis of lithologies in the Arctic areas with abundant lichen cover
S. Salehi


New subsurface mapping offshore southern West Greenland using geophysical and geological data
U. Gregersen, M.S. Andersen, H. Nøhr-Hansen, E. Sheldon, T.F. Kokfelt, M. Olivarius, C. Knudsen, K.G. Jakobsen and J.S. Adolfssen


Remote geological mapping using 3D photogrammetry: an example from Karrat, West Greenland
E.V. Sørensen and P. Guarnieri


European trading, whaling and climate history of West Greenland documented by historical records, drones and marine sediments
N.E. Mikkelsen, A. Kuijpers, S. Ribeiro, M. Myrup, I. Seiding and A.E. Lennert


The Greenland ice sheet – snowline elevations at the end of the melt seasons from 2000 to 2017
R.S. Fausto and the PROMICE team


Initial field activities of the Camp Century Climate Monitoring Programme in Greenland
W. Colgan, A. Pedersen, D. Binder, H. Machguth, J. Abermann and M. Jayred


Circum-Greenland, ice-thickness measurements collected during PROMICE airborne surveys in 2007, 2011 and 2015
L.S. Sørensen, S.B. Simonsen, R. Forsberg, L. Stenseng, H. Skourup, S.S. Kristensen and W. Colgan


Observationally constrained reconstruction of 19th to mid-20th century sea-ice extent off eastern Greenland
D.A.M. Hallé, N.B. Karlsson, A.M. Solgaard and C.S. Andresen



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