Well data

Well data from the Danish and Greenland sectors are available from GEUS, provided that the data has been submitted to the archive, and is released. The wells are drilled in relation to the oil and gas exploration but also data from wells drilled with other purposes e.g. geothermal energy or storage of CO₂ are available.

In the Frisbee webshop, you can search for, choose, purchase and download reports and data from all released appraisal and exploration wells located onshore or offshore in the Danish sector. Prices are lower than orders manually handled by the Subsurface Archive. 

For questions regarding well data from the Greenland sector please contact the Subsurface Archive for more information mail to: info-data@geus.dk or visit the Deep Subsurface Data Portal  to view data location.

In general, reports and data are released 5 years after the data is handed over to the Licensee.

Prices - Greenland Well Packages

Alpha-1/1S1         DKK 31.275,00

AT2-1                  DKK 26.212,50

AT7-1                  DKK 30.150,00

Delta-1                DKK 27.787,50

Gamma-1            DKK 24.300,00

LF7-1                  DKK 26.662,50

T4-1                   DKK 22.912,40

T8-1                   DKK 24.975,00

GRO#3               DKK 20.325,00

Hellefisk-1          DKK 11.250,00

Ikermiut-1         DKK 11.250,00

Kangâmiut-1      DKK 11.250,00 

Nukik-1             DKK 11.250,00

Nukik-2             DKK 11.250,00

Qulleq-1            DKK 22.443,75

Well Data Summary Sheets (WDSS)

The information is extracted ‘live’ from GEUS database.


Greenland WDSS (Access to download af Completion reports – Free of charge)

Frisbee Webshop

The well data are sold as ‘well data packages’ for each well separately and if the entire well data package are purchased a discount is included in the price. Single items are available but without the discount.

If available, a well data package consists of:

  • Scanned reports
  • Scanned logs
  • Original well log data
  • VSP data
  • Deviation/position data
  • GEUS merged log data
  • GEUS scanned core photos

Price calculation – well data packages

The price is calculated on basis of the amount of data and if special studies are included. E.g. special core analysis.

For data released after 2004 a special quality control procedure has been performed. The well data packages from these wells are extended with more meta data and an index file giving a total and easy overview of all data in the well data package.

This product is developed by GEUS and is called: GEUS QC - complete digital well logs.

Data free of charge - completion reports and deviation data

Completion reports are available for download free of charge, provided GEUS has received these. Select the report as single item and add to basket or select the total collection of completion reports from either onshore or offshore wells from the Frisbee ‘Data collections’ tab. Deviation data are also available free of charge when downloaded from Frisbee either as single item or by the ‘Data collections’ tab.

Download Lithostratigraphical Formation Tops

Standardised and updated formation tops for all released Danish exploration wells are available for free download via ‘Data Collections’ tab in the Frisbee Webshop.

How to

See this PDF intro on how to buy well data from GEUS through Frisbee.

Data delivery

As soon as the Frisbee order is registered, the data packing procedure is initiated by GEUS and the customer will receive a mail when the data are available for download. If the size of the data proves to be too large for download, the delivery will be copied to an USB disk free of charge.

Oil and Gas Data Portal

Further information can be found on Danish Deep Subsurface Data Portal  (previously known as GEUS’ interactive map), where location and metadata regarding surveys and wells can be found. Please note that the locations from both released and confidential data are shown on the map.

Specific functionalities on the portal

Content of well and selected stratigraphic intervals

In the Danish Deep Subsurface Data Portal we have made some functionalities to help select the data to fit a specific aim. It is possible to search and show the content of the wells for the main stratigraphic intervals, such as e.g. Upper Jurassic or Upper Cretaceous/Danian (Chalk Group). Furthermore, a select button will show all wells with cores in that specific stratigraphic interval.


Via the Details-window, which pops up when a search has been carried out on the map or in the Search-box, direct links to the GEUS Well Data Summary Sheets and to the Frisbee Webshop are provided.

The wells included in the GEUS studies on the Jurassic (PETSYS), Cretaceous (CRETSYS) and Cenozoic (CENSYS) petroleum systems can be shown on the map.

Price list well data packages - Denmark

Please see Frisbee Webshop for the price of the individual well: Frisbee.

Free data

From 1 July 2022 all released well data such as reports, logs and photos of cores can be downloaded free of charge. That means that all these data are now included in GEUS’ well data packages. Data from 2D and 3D seismic surveys will be made free in 2022-24. 

Everything can be found at GEUS’ webshop for subsurface data, Frisbee.

Group discounts

If the data are to be included in a common database for e.g. a license group each company in the group has to purchase a copy of the data. GEUS offers group discounts as listed below:

  • First company pays 100% (full price)
  • Second company pays 70% (of the full price)
  • Third and following companies pay 45% (of the full price)

Terms of delivery 

All data sold are GEUS propriety data. Purchased copies of data or any part of them may not be given, lent, leased, resold or in any other way distributed to any third party.

Read more in this pdf: Terms of sale for data delivery from GEUS’ oil and gas related data.

All prices are calculated for one company, VAT not included.