Seismic data and other geophysical data

2D and 3D seismic data from the Danish sector are available from GEUS, provided that the data has been submitted to the archive, and is released.

In GEUS’ webshop Frisbee, you can search for, choose, purchase and download processed as well as reprocessed seismic data from released 3D surveys. Prices are lower than orders manually handled by the Subsurface Archive

For question regarding 2D seismic data or other geophysical data (e.g. CSEM or aeromagnetic data) please visit the Oil and Gas Data Portal to view data location or contact the Subsurface Archive by mail to:


3D data - processed or re-processed 
Only complete data sets are available in GEUS’ webshop Frisbee.

GEUS can deliver data cut to fit any area of interest. However, this must be handled manually, and will include an additional handling cost. Contact the Subsurface Archive

3D prices in Frisbee vs. manually handled orders
The price of processed data is based on the number of km2. On average, the prices in Frisbee are 13% lower than the prices of manually handled orders. Purchases may be paid by credit card or invoice. Manually handled orders by invoice only.

3D price calculation - Frisbee data purchase

  • First 100 km² 696.00 DKK/km²
  • Between 101-300 km² 435.00 DKK/km²
  • More than 300 km² 318.00 DKK/km²

The price is calculated for each processed data set e.g. the price for the data set KMC99-5506 a data set that consists of 632.5 kmis:

  • First 100 km²: 696.00 DKK * 100 km² = DKK 69,600.00
  • Between 101-300 km²: 435.00 DKK * 200 km² = DKK 87,000.00
  • More than 300 km²: 318.00 DKK * 332.5 km² = DKK 105,735.00

Total Frisbee price: DKK 262,335,00

3D data delivery
Original 3D processed data as well as data from 3D re-processings are available in Frisbee, and only the final data types such as final migration or final stack. Other data types (e.g. raw stack or raw migration) may be included but only if they are listed in the ’Details’ list in Frisbee.

The processing report, navigation data and velocity data are included, provided GEUS has received these.

As soon as the Frisbee order is registered, the data packing procedure is initiated by GEUS and the customer will receive a mail when the data are available for download. If the size of the data proves to be too large for download, the delivery will be copied to an USB disk free of charge.

3D data free of charge
Acquisition reports are available for download free of charge, provided GEUS has received these.

3D price calculation - manually handling of data purchase
The price when manually handled data is calculated as follows:

  • First 100 km² 800.00 DKK/km²
  • Between 101-300 km² 500.00 DKK/km²
  • More than 300 km² 365.00 DKK/km²

 If only a part of the data are requested we can cut the data set to fit any area of interest however the costs for the cutting will apply.


2D seismic data – processings and re-processings
2D data are available either as single lines or as complete surveys. For 2D data the price is calculated on basis of the number of kilometers of data collected (navigation data). The acquisition and processing reports, navigation data and velocity data are included in the price if submitted to the Subsurface Archive.

  • Data from 2D seismic surveys are available either as scanned seismic displays, as paper copies, or in digital format.
  • The price of complete 2D surveys in SEG-Y format is DKK 55.00 pr. kilometer.
  • If paper copies are requested, the cost for the copying expenses will apply. Please note: Sepia copies are no longer provided.
  • Single lines. If data from a single line or selected lines from a survey or more surveys are requested the price is DKK 55.00 pr. kilometer plus handling costs.
  • Navigation data are free of charge – Please download using the WFS service from GEUS Oil and Gas Data Portal.


CSEM (Controlled Source ElectroMagnetic) surveys

Only a few CSEM surveys have been conducted in the Danish sector.

When released GEUS sells the processed data in the received format for the price DKK 165.00 pr. kilometer. The price is calculated on the base of number of acquired receiver kilometer data.