Inspection of drill cores from Denmark

GEUS core store

GEUS offers the possibility to inspect cores from deep wells in the Danish territory at our corestore equipped with display facilities.

Contact us to reserve time for core inspection in our corestore. All types of samples originating from deep wells in Danish territory are stored in the GEUS corestore. This includes cores from many years of oil- and gas exploration on land and in the North Sea, and cores from e.g. geothermal energy exploration. The core store presently includes more than 70 000 boxes with drill cores and other geological material.

Deep wells in Danish territory shown on map

Deep wells summary sheets


The corestore has display facilities, which can be used for core inspection and core workshops. The facilities include among other things microscopes and UV light and released well reports and well logs are available.

Sample materials are normally not available for analysis. If, however, valid projects are proposed, GEUS might decide to provide the sample material on standard conditions.

All results have to be reported to GEUS and all sample material has to be returned to GEUS at the end of the project.



We recommend that core inspection should be arranged at least 8 days in advance.