Chalk reservoir characterisation

GEUS has in connection with the exploration and field development in the North Sea area attained substantial experience in reservoir characterization. GEUS has for several years offered services in chalk characterization to the industry as well as being part of several research projects related to the Upper Cretaceous chalk and Lower Cretaceous carbonates.

GEUS conducts research in chalk and carbonate stratigraphy and sedimentology and investigates the link to reservoir architecture, heterogeneity, and performance. In order to create the most comprehensive reservoir understanding, integration of the various geological disciplines is a natural part of the work carried out at GEUS. The applied multidisciplinary research integrates geological, geophysical, petrophysical and other data from outcrop and subsurface studies to describe, characterize, and model the architecture, facies, rock fabric, and heterogeneity of chalk and carbonate reservoirs.