Groundwater and Quaternary Geology Mapping

The geological mapping includes research and consultancy on 3D geological model construction in Denmark and internationally, focusing especially on the integration of Airborne Electromagnetic data (AEM).

We also produce surface geology maps and carry out onshore mapping of raw materials and manage the geological well sample laboratory and Well Data Archive at GEUS. Another research area is ground source heating and cooling and geological storage of heat.

Within groundwater, we support the groundwater mapping carried out by the Environmental Protection Agency and the groundwater monitoring activities at GEUS, including the yearly reporting of the monitoring results. We also perform research within drinking water and health.

Areas of expertise

Torben Bach
Head of Department
Marine Geology
Susan Elgaard Jensen
Department Secretary
Marine Geology
Bente Fyrstenberg Nedergaard
Projekt controller
Groundwater and Quaternary Geology Mapping