New film and white papers on groundwater and Integrated Water Resources Management


Rethink Water has released a film and white paper on groundwater mapping and sustainable groundwater management and a white paper on implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM).

Film and white paper on groundwater mapping and sustainable groundwater management

Providing enough fresh water for a growing population and for increasing industrial production is a critical issue in many countries. Climate change is affecting global rainfall patterns and water distribution. Groundwater is a hundred times more plentiful than surface water, but benefiting from groundwater requires understanding and knowledge about sustainable groundwater management to avoid problems or destroying it.

Watch the film: Groundwater
Download the whitepaper: Greater water security with groundwater. Groundwater mapping and sustainable groundwater management

White paper on implementing Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)

The conflicting interests of nature and the different sectors involved in sharing limited water resources must be addressed in an integrated fashion at both policy and operational level. Water resources management authorities all around the world have found help in the principles of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)

Download white paper: An integrated management approach for water security in all sectors. Implementing Integrated Water Resources Management

Rethink Water

Water is an increasingly scarce resource in most parts of the world. We need to rethink how we use it. Rethink Water is a network of over 60 consulting companies, technology providers, utilities, research institutes and governmental bodies based in Denmark. The network brings together an unusually diverse and valuable mix of clients, consultants, suppliers, researchers and other experts, who have joined forces to share knowledge and through this collaboration create stronger water solutions.