Long and intense melting on the Greenland ice sheet


Measurements on the ice sheet in South Greenland show that 2012 had the second highest ice melting of 8.3 m, since the measurements started in 2001.

The eight areas on the Greenland ice sheet where the PROMICE-operated weather stations are located. Two or three stations are placed in each area at different levels above the sea. In QAS in South Greenland there are three stations. The QAS_L station, mentioned in the text, is placed on the ice at a height of 310 m.

The ice melting in metres per year from 2001 to 2012 at station QAS_L placed at a height of 310 m on the ice sheet in South Greenland.
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An automatic weather station on the ice near Upernavik (UPE). The numbers indicate various instruments: 1: short-wave and long-wave radiation (radiometer). 2: station tilt (inclinometer). 3: satellite communication. 4: wind speed and direction (anemometer). 5: Snow height (sonic height rangers). 6: air temperature and relative humidity. 7: melting pressure sensor (ablation). 8: solar panel. 9: control unit (incl. air pressure and ice movement). 10: Batteries. 11: Ice temperature in the upper layers.