Zn, Cu, Ni and REE potentials on the agenda at PDAC Canada


Greenland exploration highlights and Zn, Cu, Ni and REE potentials are on the agenda at the annual PDAC Trade Show in Toronto, Canada, 4 to 7 March 2012.

Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum (BMP) and GEUS have booth at the annual PDAC Trade Show in Canada, 4 to 7 March. The exhibit will focus on geological environments and the potential for location of Zn-resources, Greenland Cu & Ni and REE potentials. And on 5 March, BMP and GEUS will present "Greenland Exploration Highlights" during a special arranged session on Greenland Day. Greenland has experienced a very positive development of mineral licence interests during the last five years, when
the number of mineral licences has more than tripled. Many of the companies involved in exploration and exploitation activities in Greenland are domiciled in North America, Australia and Europe.

Lars Lund Sørensen, GEUS
E-mail: lls@geus.dk