Mission, vision and strategy

GEUS' mission

  • GEUS is responsible for scientific exploration of the geology of Denmark and Greenland with the associated continental shelf areas.
  • GEUS is to carry out research at the highest international level into matters of significance for exploitation and protection of geological natural resources, and carry out mapping, monitoring, data collection, data management and communication about these.
  • GEUS is to provide consultancy services to authorities and the private sector and is to carry out authority tasks within its core areas.
  • GEUS is a national geological data centre.

GEUS' vision

  • GEUS is to be an internationally recognised and in selected areas a leading research and consultancy institution in the fields of environmental geology, water resources, energy and mineral resources.
  • GEUS is to be the primary consultancy institution for Danish and Greenland authorities in all questions concerning important geological conditions.
  • GEUS is to be the national geological data centre, on the forefront internationally, which presents reliable and independent information to benefit the public and industry.
  • GEUS is to be an attractive workplace where ethical standards and social values are the mainstay of the business culture.
  • GEUS is to play an active part in developing the periphery fields of geology.
  • GEUS is to set the trend by developing partnerships with other research institutions, industry and international organisations.
  • GEUS, including its associates in Geocenter Copenhagen, is to be an internationally distinguished research centre attracting visiting researchers and PhD students.
  • GEUS is to be a visible player in international development assistance concerning the exploitation and protection of natural geological resources.
  • GEUS is to be visible in society and present geological information to the public in an accessible way.