GEUS’ recruitment process

As a public institution, GEUS is subject to certain requirements concerning the publication of vacancies, and therefore we do not accept unsolicited job applications. We post vacancies on GEUS’ website and on Jobnet and other relevant media.

When you apply for a position at GEUS, you will be asked to provide personal information, which we must ensure is stored and processed in accordance with the rules. The recruitment process at GEUS is described in more detail below.

  1. GEUS uses the state's e-recruitment – HR-manager – to handle the recruitment process. When you apply for a position, you will be asked to provide personal data such as your name, address, education, etc. In addition, you will be asked to attach your CV and diploma, etc. For research positions, you will also be asked to attach a list of your publications.
  2. Every time a position needs to be filled a recruitment committee is set up. Only the recruitment committee and HR employees have access to HR-manager and only to the relevant position(s). The recruitment committee reviews the applications and selects which candidates to invite for an interview.
  3. You will be invited for an interview by the responsible manager. If necessary, one more interview will be held.
  4. The recruitment committee can choose to request references for the candidate they want to hire. However, they will only do this after agreement with the candidate, who is also subsequently informed about the content of the reference.
  5. Once the recruitment committee has decided who they want to hire, a recommendation is prepared for GEUS's Managing Director including name, education and reasons as well as the application itself and the attached documents.
  6. If you are offered the position, the responsible manager will contact you as soon as the decision is made. Rejections are sent to the other candidates immediately after the conclusion of the contract.

For research positions, a professional assessment is made of the candidates’ research qualifications in relation to the advertised position. An assessment committee is set up, which gets access to all applications with appendices through HR-manager. For positions at senior level, the committee consists of one GEUS member and two external members, all at senior level. Information about the composition of the assessment committee is sent out and submitted for a consultation procedure before the assessment of the professional qualifications begins.

How your data is processed

As mentioned, GEUS uses HR-manager as our recruitment system. You can withdraw your application at any time during the recruitment process, and correct or delete all your information and documents yourself. Alternatively, GEUS can correct or delete the material manually.

You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions about the recruitment process, including the processing of your data, at or tel. +45 38 14 20 00.

All applications are automatically deleted from HR-manager after six months. Everyone who has been involved in the recruitment is obliged to shred any printed material as well as delete material stored in their inbox, drives etc.

The material that GEUS is obliged to journal under the State Archives Act is journalized under these rules.