Field work

GEUS performs field work in Denmark and Greenland. Find information about field activities and equipment.

Field activities in Greenland


GEUS has a long tradition for carrying out geological fieldwork in remote and inaccessible areas of Greenland, and has accumulated a high level of experience and knowhow with respect to such activities. 

GEUS has a century long experience in sending expeditions to remote areas of Greenland. Still today 50-100 persons carry out fieldwork in Greenland every year. The equipment section in Rødovre supplies all expeditions with relevant camp and safety equipment and also arranges for freight of cargo and ensures that all formalities is in place.

Henrik Spanggaard
Logistics coordinator, Equipment section


Participants in fieldwork must meet some important health criteria, in order that they can be approved to work in Greenland. Field participants must book an appointment for a health examination, which must be conducted by doctors at the Medical Office (or another approved maritime doctor in Denmark), who will decide on medical clearance for fieldwork.

Further, Participants in fieldwork in Greenland (incl. fieldwork at sea around Greenland) must have a dental check-up within 6 months prior to field work commencing.

A health declaration containing your health-related information, should be filled out and brought to the doctor. See the entire instruction regarding health examination and dental visits here.

Marianne Vestergaard                                   
Logistics coordinator

Due to the challenging geographic and climatic conditions encountered in Greenland it is necessary to have completed the mandatory, accredited training courses, listed below.

All field personnel must hold up-to-date certification for these courses, with mandatory reassessment at least every three years, except for the Arctic First Aid course, which must be updated every year. 

  • Arctic First Aid Course
  • Shooting Course
  • Glacier Course
  • Inflatable Course
  • First Aid Course (recommended/not mandatory)
  • Elementary Fire Fighting (recommended/not mandatory)


Marianne Vestergaard
Logistics coordinator

Potrait of participants in the training course

Preparing for working from boats: participants in the training course “Navigating RIB’s and rubber dinghies” in 2014. In the background, GEUS’ equipment storehouse. 

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