Phone book

Find the employees working at GEUS or contact GEUS' central number +45 38 14 20 00 or mail

You can also find our adresses, press contact information etc. at Contact, our list of experts or organisation.


Ane Damgaard AsmussenMedia Graphic Designer Traineeanas@geus.dkPress and Communication
Annabeth AndersenGraphic Designerana@geus.dkPress and Communication+45 91333519
Carsten E. ThuesenGraphic Designer and Illustratorcet@geus.dkPress and Communication+45 91333518
Catherine JexEditor in Chiefcje@geus.dkPress and Communication+45 91333414
Ditte DyrbyCommunications Officerddy@geus.dkPress and Communication+45 91333442
Jacob Lind BendtsenDesign Office Coordinatorjlb@geus.dkPress and Communication+45 91333649
Jane HolstEditorial Secretaryjhol@geus.dkPress and Communication+45 91333523
Jesper Arne Erne JensenBachelorjaej@geus.dkPress and Communication
Jette HalskovGraphic Designerjh@geus.dkPress and Communication+45 91333718
Johanne Uhrenholt KusnitzoffEditorjku@geus.dkPress and Communication+45 91333954
Jonas Del Pin HamiltonMedia Graphic Designer Traineejdph@geus.dkPress and Communication
Kirstine UdenbyCommunications Officerkiu@geus.dkPress and Communication+45 91333415
Lisbeth LassenDigital Editorlla@geus.dkPress and Communication+45 91333427
Lykke SandalGraphic Designerlysa@geus.dkPress and Communication+45 91333441
Mads Emil HansenStudent Assistentmaeha@geus.dkPress and Communication
Maria Munk JensenDigital Editormmj@geus.dkPress and Communication+45 26818371
Mette Buck JensenHead of Press and Communicationsmeb@geus.dkPress and Communication+45 61666159
Stefan SølbergGraphic Designersts@geus.dkPress and Communication+45 91333738