Phone book

Find the employees working at GEUS or contact GEUS' central number +45 38 14 20 00 or mail

You can also find our adresses, press contact information etc. at Contact, our list of experts or organisation.


Cecillie BandelowDepartment Secretarycba@geus.dkMarine Geology+45 91333808
Jørgen Overgaard LethSenior Adviserjol@geus.dkMarine Geology+45 91333826
Jørn Bo JensenHead of Departmentjbj@geus.dkMarine Geology+45 91333825
Lars Øbro HansenAcademic Employeelha@geus.dkMarine Geology+45 91333423
Lars-Georg RödelBiologistlagr@geus.dkMarine Geology+45 91333806
Lasse T¿sik PrinsMarine Geologistlkp@geus.dkMarine Geology+45 91333452
Matthew OwenResearchermow@geus.dkMarine Geology+45 91333446
Mikkel Skovgaard AndersenAcademic Employeeman@geus.dkMarine Geology+45 91333491
Nicky Hein WittMarine Geologistnhw@geus.dkMarine Geology+45 91333811
Niels Nørgaard-PedersenSenior Researchernnp@geus.dkMarine Geology+45 91333835
Ole BennikeSenior Researcherobe@geus.dkMarine Geology+45 91333527
Paul KnutzResearch Professorpkn@geus.dkMarine Geology+45 91333925
Sigurd Bøgelund AndersenMarine techniciansba@geus.dkMarine Geology+45 91333490
Steen LomholtSenior Adviserslo@geus.dkMarine Geology+45 40384394
Verner Brandbyge ErnstsenSenior Researchervbe@geus.dkMarine Geology+45 91333656
Zyad Al-HamdaniSenior Researcherazk@geus.dkMarine Geology+45 91333812