Phone book

Find the employees working at GEUS or contact GEUS' central number +45 38 14 20 00 or mail

You can also find our adresses, press contact information etc. at Contact, our list of experts or organisation.


Allan Østerby PedersenBachelor of Engineeringaoep@geus.dkGlaciology and Climate+45 91333448
Andreas Peter AhlstrømChief Consultantapa@geus.dkGlaciology and Climate+45 91333810
Anja LøkkegaardPhD Studentaloe@geus.dkGlaciology and Climate
Anna Sofie Bang NielsenStudent Assistentasbn@geus.dkGlaciology and Climate
Anne Munck SolgaardResearcheraso@geus.dkGlaciology and Climate+45 91333817
Antoon KuijpersEmeritusaku@geus.dkGlaciology and Climate+45 91333809
Baptiste Robert Marcel VandecruxPostdocbav@geus.dkGlaciology and Climate
Camilla Snowman AndresenSenior Researchercsa@geus.dkGlaciology and Climate+45 91333816
Dirk van AsAffiliate Senior Researcherdva@geus.dkGlaciology and Climate+45 91333818
Jason Eric BoxResearch Professorjeb@geus.dkGlaciology and Climate+45 60124157
Karin GleieGeologistkg@geus.dkGlaciology and Climate+45 91333828
Kenneth David MankoffSenior Researcherkdm@geus.dkGlaciology and Climate+45 91333822
Kristian Kjellerup KjeldsenResearcherkkk@geus.dkGlaciology and Climate+45 91333428
Masashi NiwanoVisiting Researchermani@geus.dkGlaciology and Climate
Michele CitterioSenior Researchermcit@geus.dkGlaciology and Climate+45 91333832
Mimmi OksmanPostdocmio@geus.dkGlaciology and Climate+45 91333425
Nanna Bjørnholt KarlssonSenior Researchernbk@geus.dkGlaciology and Climate+45 91333839
Niels J kup KorsgaardResearchernjk@geus.dkGlaciology and Climate+45 91333836
Øyvind Andreas WintonStudent Assistentoew@geus.dkGlaciology and Climate
Peter Friis MøllerSenior Adviserpfm@geus.dkGlaciology and Climate+45 91333837
Rebecca JacksonPostdocrjac@geus.dkGlaciology and Climate+45 91333829
Robert Schjøtt FaustoSenior Researcherrsf@geus.dkGlaciology and Climate+45 91333838
Signe Bech AndersenHead of Departmentsiba@geus.dkGlaciology and Climate+45 91333804
Sofia RibeiroSenior Researchersri@geus.dkGlaciology and Climate+45 91333843
William ColganSenior Researcherwic@geus.dkGlaciology and Climate+45 91333814