Phone book

Find the employees working at GEUS or contact GEUS' central number +45 38 14 20 00 or mail

You can also find our adresses, press contact information etc. at Contact, our list of experts or organisation.


Bettina AndersenDepartment Secretaryban@geus.dkData and IT+45 91333959
Bjarni PjeturssonSpecial Consultantbpj@geus.dkData and IT+45 91333960
Charlotte Toftemann ThomsenSystem Developerctt@geus.dkData and IT+45 91333962
Christian Brogaard PedersenGIS Developercbp@geus.dkData and IT+45 91333961
Christian DalsgaardSystem Administratorcda@geus.dkData and IT+45 91333507
David WhiteheadSystem Developerdw@geus.dkData and IT+45 91333456
Dominique StormSystem Administratordsl@geus.dkData and IT+45 91333508
Eva WillerslevGIS Developerew@geus.dkData and IT+45 91333963
Finn Preben JohansenIT Coordinatorfpj@geus.dkData and IT+45 91333509
Frands SchjøthGeo Computer Scientistfsc@geus.dkData and IT+45 91333964
Jakob MolanderSystem Developerjm@geus.dkData and IT+45 91333966
Jonas ThyregodSystem Developerjoth@geus.dkData and IT
Jørgen Christian SalomonsenSystem Developerjsa@geus.dkData and IT+45 91333968
Kasper JensenSystem Administratorkje@geus.dkData and IT+45 91333513
Katja TandrupSystem Developerkat@geus.dkData and IT+45 91333482
Lisbeth TougaardGIS Specialistlit@geus.dkData and IT+45 91333971
Marianne B. WieseSystem Developermbw@geus.dkData and IT+45 91333973
Martin HansenChief Consultantmh@geus.dkData and IT+45 91333975
Martin SønderholmSpecial Consultantms@geus.dkData and IT+45 91333967
Mathias DyrbergStudent Assistentmad@geus.dkData and IT
Mette Svane JørgensenGIS Specialistmsj@geus.dkData and IT+45 91333978
Mikael PedersenHead of Departmentmp@geus.dkData and IT+45 91333953
Palle Mørch JensenNetwork Administratorpmj@geus.dkData and IT+45 91333511
Sune K. BechNetwork Administratorskb@geus.dkData and IT+45 91333512
Tjerk HeijboerSystem Developertch@geus.dkData and IT+45 91333983
Uffe LarsenSpecial Consultantul@geus.dkData and IT+45 91333979
Viktor Søgaard RasmussenSpecial Consultantvra@geus.dkData and IT+45 91333437
Willy Lehmann WengGeodesistww@geus.dkData and IT+45 91333987