Geology of Greenland Survey Bulletin 187 - 2000

Palynology and deposition in the Wandel Sea Basin, eastern North Greenland

Edited by Lars Stemmerik

The Wandel Sea Basin developed during the Late Palaeozoic to Palaeogene. Two main tectonic epochs of basin evolution are recognised: Late Palaeozoic to Early Triassic block faulting affected the entire basin whereas Mesozoic strike-slip movements affected only the northern part. This is reflected in different thermal histories and hydrocarbon potential.

This bulletin contains five articles based on field and palynological studies. The tectono-stratrigraphic history of the south-eastern part of the basin is discussed with implications for shelf areas; a refined, upper age constraint for the compressional tectonism is gained from a detailed study of the Palaeogene microflora. The Early Carboniferous age of the oldest sediments is based on a microflora comparable to that of western Europe whereas a Late Carboniferous algal flora shows affinities with the Sverdrup Basin flora of Arctic Canada.