Geology of Greenland Survey Bulletin 178 - 1997

Lithostratigraphy, sedimentary evolution and sequence stratigraphy of the Upper Proterozoic Lyell Land Group (Eleonore Bay Supergroup) of East and North-East Greenland

Henrik Tirsgaard and Martin Sønderholm

Cover Photo

View of the Lyell Land Group on the southern shores of Lyell Land and the snow-capped Berzelius Bjerg seen from Scoresby Land. The basal formation of the Lyell Land Group (Kempe Fjord Formation) is not exposed, and most of the overlying Sandertop Formation is covered by scree to the left (west). The rest of the group is well exposed and shows the pale weathering Berzelius Bjerg Formation, followed by the grey to brownish red weathering Kap Alfred Formation. The Vibeke Sø Formation forms a conspicuous pale unit in the centre of the picture and is overlain by the reddish Skjoldungebræ Formation. The top of the group is formed by the yellowish weathering Teufelsschloss Formation. The Lyell Land Group is overlain by grey, red and pale weathering mainly carbonate rocks of the Ymer Ø and Andrée Land Groups. Mountain summit is approximately 1900 m.